Den Alltag aneignen

In der Fotoserie "Supermarché - Usine" greift
Le Squer Aspekte des Arbeits- und Alltagslebens auf und eröffnet
neue Sichtweisen auf Körper,Raum und Kapital. Speziell die fotogra-
fischen Arbeiten werfen die Frage auf, inwieweit sich alltägliche
Produktionsabläufe, die Akkumulation von Material und Waren sowie
ökonomisches Denken in der Gestaltung von Räumen abbilden.(SJ)

The Marseille (France) based artist Serge Le Squer developed in
recent years, an extensive work, which consists of photography, film,
art objects, text animations and interventionist practices together.
The public gallery im Kornhaus shows from July 17 to September 18,
2011 objects, text animations as well as a selection of photographic
works that have taken mainly in Kirchheimer companies.
In the photografic work Le Squer points out aspects of work and
everyday life and opens up new perspectives on body, space and
capital. Specifically, the slideshow „Supermarché - Usine“ raise the
question of the representation of everyday production processes, the
accumulation of material and goods and economic thinking in the
design(ing) of rooms.
The title of the exhibition "simplify everyday life" has in this
case aspects to a spatial organizing principle that is both part of
modern conditions of production and the accumulation and
presentation of merchandise.(SJ/CH)